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November Program - General Membership Meeting: History of Murder and Loss in Cranberry Township - Sunday November 22, 2015

In our last newsletter we mentioned that our fall programs in September and November would reflect upon crime in Western Pennsylvania. Cranberry Township is an extremely safe community, easily verified by reviewing the online FBI crime statistics. Violent crimes are especially rare and murder here has been even rarer, happening thus far many years apart, thankfully. Our next talk to be held on Sunday November 22nd will discuss several murders that occurred in the Township over the last seven decades.

Cranberry Hall
The Alice & Ernest Storch residence as seen in 1995 as Cranberry Hall

The talk was originally titled Murders of Cranberry Township, but after reading about these crimes, one can only feel empathy and sadness for the victims and their families, thus the word “Loss” had to enter the Title. The murders that will be discussed will include the Murder of Peggy Vogel, the Murder of Amelia Robinson along with Mr. Kestner, the Murder of Jeanine Revak, the Cranberry Village Trailer Park murders and the most notorious one, the Alice Storch murder, arranged by her husband Ernest.

Each one of these murders shocked the community and destroyed the victims’ families. Amelia Robinson was murdered in 1943, thus one can see how seldom this crime occurs in our fair township.

Our next talk on Sunday November 22nd at 2:00 pm at the Cranberry Township Municipal Center Council Chambers, located at 2525 Rochester Road, will discuss these murders. Our speakers will be members Thomas Cully and Roy Wagner. Both individuals worked on the Great Explosion talk last year.

Come and learn about these tragedies, how precious life is and how evil can destroy such life, and of course that crime does not pay. The program is free and open to the general public. We will provide free coffee, soft drinks and snacks and don't worry, the Steelers have a by week!


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