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Frequently asked questions


Why should I register as a user of this website?

You must have a User Account on our website to to view certain content as may from time to time be restricted to registered users, and also if you want to take advantage of the social networking capabilities of our site. In addition, registration provides a degree of accountability to help insure that only appropriate content is added to our site by our members. We have the option to restrict access to any user for postings that we deem unacceptable.


What kind of personal information must I provide to create a new User Account?

When you register a new User Account on our site, you must supply us with a valid email address. Any other information that you provide is optional. The Cranberry Township Historical Society does not provide your information to any third parties unless lawfully required to do so.


How do I become a member of the Cranberry Township Historical Society?

You may fill out a membership form at the Schoolhouse during regular hours of operation, or you can become a member online by visiting our membership page, or you can simply drop us a note with the following information:






Let us know which class of membership you are interested in and enclose a check or money order for that amount...

____ $15 Individual
____ $25 Family
____ $5 Student (up to age 18 in high school or up to age 22 in college)
____ $50 Business
____ $________ Contributing (this is any amount you wish to contribute over and above the dues of a regular membership class

and mail it to:

Cranberry Township Historical Society
PO Box 1931
Cranberry Township, PA 16066


When is Sample School open for visitation?

Regular Hours of Operation

Since the school is not heated, our standard season of operation runs from May through September each year. During that time, the school is open for visitation on:

Wednesday* from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm and
Saturday* from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Scheduled Tours

If you are unable to visit during regular hours or would like to schedule a special tour for your group, a special tour may be scheduled any time of year providing that the school is not already booked and a docent is available. Special tours are $1 per head with a $10 minimum. Please contact our Docent Coordinator to schedule a special tour.

Teaching Opportunities

If you are a teacher and would like to teach a class at Sample, we would love to have you. Presently this has been done once before and was a great success for all involved. The teacher planned her own curriculum for the day, dressed in period garb and arranged transportation for her students. They spent the entire school day at Sample, the first class to do so since 1951 as far as we know, and she enjoyed doing her classroom session. The rate for this is the same as a scheduled tour, as we wanted to make it affordable in order to encourage other teachers to set up their own sessions. Contact our docent coordinator to schedule your classroom session.

2011 Docent Coordinator - Joyce Owens at

*Schoolhouse opening depends on the availability of a docent, although it is very rare to not have a docent available for our regular hours. The school may not be open for certain holidays as well, again depending on the docents.


Why was my account canceled?

This site allows users to create their own accounts. Because account creation requires the creator to verify that the email address is valid, a significant amount of fake accounts are prevented from being set up. Nonetheless, there are a significant amount of idiots out there who are able to receive and respond to the verification email and create an account.

Thus our account policy is simple. Your user name should be your first name, followed by a space, followed by your last name. If your user name does not appear to the webmaster be a real person, the account will be deleted, no questions asked. Period.