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Pittsburgh: Then & Now

on Thu, 07/19/2012 - 8:39pm

Cranberry Township to be featured on WTAE's Pittsburgh: Then & Now segment Friday July 20, 2012 at 6:00 pm. You can check out what they have done for some other places by visiting the WTAE website. Cranberry will be added to the WTAE website some time afterwards.

Update (7/20): History is all about the credibility of the information, so when bad information is presented, it needs to be fixed. One of the things that I do not like about doing interviews, is that things are not always reported as they were said or discussed. During the interview Mike and I discussed the Graham's transfer of land to Cranberry Township on which Graham Park is now built. At the time of the interview on June 15, 2012, I did not recall the exact details of that transaction, but I knew it was not a donation. After seeing the script for the first time and the donation language still in the script on Monday July 16th, on Tuesday July 17th, I provided a copy of the sales transaction showing a $1.8 million sale, which is clearly NOT a donation, although the land was sold at a discount.

The Depreciation Lands program was mis-characterized as well. During the interview I said the soldiers were issued certificates redeemable for land here. After seeing the script, I provided additional information to clear that up as well. The corrections were not made. For those concerned: soldiers did not receive 200 acre parcels of land. The Depreciation Lands in Alexander and Nicholson's parts of district 3 were for the most part all 200+ acres each. Amounts due a soldier were calculated based upon the ratio of depreciation in effect for the period, when service began and for how long, thus I would expect the minimum due would be one 200-ish acre land certificate, and who knows what for the upper limit.

The Perrysville and Zelienople Plank Road obviously extended south to Perrysville. The main reason that I mentioned it was for them to show the old concrete bridge, which is still there and is depicted on our facebook group page (Cranberry Township Historical Society) as the header image, however it was not shown. Pittsburgh Mercer Road and Franklin Road were equally important and were sort of left out in terms of significance. Of course Criders Corners is an area surrounding the intersection of present day Dutilhl Road and Mars Road. It would have been called Crider Road in Mars, but not Cranberry. I will take credit though for putting the wrong year on the Depreciation Land survey's. Alexander & Nicholson's parts of disctrict 3 in Cranberry were surveyed in June of 1783. We know this because we have copies of the surveys. We do not have copies of Douglass' portion (the eastern 15% or so), but it was most likely done around the same time. I said 1785 in the interview. Finally, I believe the Comtra Theatre was presented as an old business in the Criders Corners photo, while it is in fact a modern business situated in Garvin's Barn in Ogle.

All in all, it's a nice piece and gives us some good exposure.