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Our New Website

on Thu, 09/16/2010 - 11:42pm

Hi folks. By now you probably know that I am sort of a technology junkie. With all of the social networking sites available today, I felt like it was time to move the Historical Society deeper into the new millennium to catch up. Who am I kidding? I just like to play with new toys! Some time ago, I began to read up on content management systems. These are website building tools that generally allow more than one person to administrate a website with little to no specialized knowledge. There are many good products out there and I became attached to Drupal. The problem is that there is still a learning curve associated with any new development tool, even getting it installed on your computer and I just didn't have the time to get up to speed.

While looking my options over again, I stumbled onto Drupal Gardens. The website you are looking at now is hosted by Drupal Gardens for free. Some high traffic websites might consider purchasing upgraded features, but I think this version is going to work just fine. It's a turn key deal and you do not need to put any new software on your computer to use it or take any training classes or buy any new books (I bought the big Drupal book, but you don't have to). So, on Thursday September 16, 2010 at about 11:40 PM, this site came to life with the click of a mouse. After a weekend of experimenting with Drupal Gardens, I would recommend it to anyone that wants their own website.

I have been migrating content from the old site to the new one and this process will continue until everything that is there, is also here as well. The site can then be duplicated onto our existing hosting plan at some point, but until then, we will maintain both of them, plus the Facebook page, which has its own advantages. The nice thing about the Drupal Garden site is the powerful infrastructure that is built into this framework. It comes stock with user accounts and permissions and all of the gadgetry you will see as you look around that lets all of us interact with the site. All I have to do is tweak a few settings and things are working like clockwork. Very impressive.